Meet Liz and Brian, a dynamic couple with a shared passion for creativity that has led them to preserving the beauty of flowers. Liz, a compassionate nurse, and Brian, a talented entrepreneur with experience with resin, have combined their talents to create a floral preservation business.Liz's nurturing nature and keen eye for detail make her the perfect caretaker for each delicate bloom. With her background in nursing, she understands the sentimental value flowers hold and handles them with utmost care throughout the preservation process.Brian's artistic vision and craftsmanship shine through in his resin work. With meticulous skill, he encapsulates the vibrant colors and intricate details of each flower, creating stunning preserved arrangements that capture their essence.Together, Liz and Brian create personalized and cherished keepsakes for various occasions. Their shared love for nature and community inspires them to bring joy and comfort to others through their preserved floral pieces.Beyond their business, Liz and Brian find solace in nature and cherish their time together. They are grateful for the opportunity to combine their passions and create lasting memories through their floral preservation business.In their hands, flowers are transformed into timeless works of art, a true reflection of their dedication, creativity, and love for what they do.