Capturing your moments with the art of resin.

Floriography is more than just a flower preservation company - it's a bridge between the past and the present, a way to hold on to the memories and emotions that are woven into every petal and stem. The name "Floriography" carries with it the weight of a centuries-old tradition - the language of flowers, a secret code of meanings and messages that was used to express complex emotions in a time when words were not enough. At Floriography, we understand that flowers are more than just a beautiful decoration - they hold a deeper significance, a connection to the people and moments that matter most. We are passionate about preserving not just the physical beauty of your favorite blooms, but the emotional resonance that they hold. From wedding bouquets to funeral arrangements, from a simple garden bloom to a treasured heirloom, Floriography is here to help you keep those memories alive, long after the flowers have faded.

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    Select the pieces you want to order, on our order now page. Fill out a brief questionnaire, and place your order through our online store.

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    Drop your flowers off to our Florida location or ship your flowers to us within 24-48 hrs of your event for best results.

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    Let us work our magic. We will create a design for you to approve, and make any adjustments before placing the flowers in resin! We offer one complimentary design change! Receive your keepsake in the mail!