Creation Process

  • Your flowers will be going through an extensive process before they turn into your forever keepsake. Once your bouquet is received, we take photos and begin to deconstruct the bouquet to save the best flowers and greenery elements.

  • The amount we save is based on what keepsakes are ordered. Next, we place your flowers in silica gel to dry. This process will ensure that all moisture is removed from the flowers. It also helps preserve the flowers shape and color as best as possible.

  • Once the flowers are dried, they will be placed into a queue for the mold(s) needed to complete the order. Closer to when the mold will be available, we will create a design for you to approve and make any adjustments before placing the flowers in resin. We offer one complimentary design change. For ring holders, we only provide one design option.

  • Once the final design is approved, we will begin to pour thin layers of resin. Each layer must cure for 24 hours before the next layer can be poured. The amount of layers this takes varies depending on the size of the box and the flower height.

  • Finally, once all layers are poured, cured and we have done the final touches to your keepsake, it's ready to forever be yours!